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From Writing Space:
  • What is technology?
    • The Greek root of "technology" is techne; for the Greeks, this was more of an art or craft. In the Phaedrus, Plato calls the alphabet itself a technology (15)
    • In that same way, literacy is a technology (16).
    • Oral poetry is no more natural than writing, just as writing with a pen and paper is no more natural. no less technological than writing on a computer screen (17)

"Writing Technologies" Bolter, Chapter 2
  • Every kind of writing technology has different materials or different ways of using writing materials... these differences are important
  • Technology of ancient writing is papyrus, ink, the techniques of making book rolls, the styles and genres of ancient writing
  • The technology of modern technology is the techniques of printing, and also, as Bolter writes, "the practices of modern science and bureaucracy and the economic and social consequences of print literacy
  • Personal computers and palmtops, browsers and word processors, are all technologies of modern writing
  • Individuals and cultures mold techniques and technologies to their own purposes