• Blogging is only a decade old- too early yet to know how it will be in decades to come but there are certain trends that are likely to continue
  • Blogging is a participatory media--people like participating in the media--unlikely to stop now that we have the technology to allow it
  • Blogging may not remain a separate activity or genre, like it is today--spreading into and merging with social networking sites
  • Implicit participation- most valuable information may be that which is implied rather than deliberately posted--impllicitly contributed information is data that can be mined for information that is more valuable than the inidividual contributions --> in years to come the recommendations and understandings of what is valuable will be far more nuanced and sophisticated than they are today
  • Blogs, Facebook, ,Youtube, etc may become the dominant media over conventional news organizations - EPIC 2014
  • Blogs have both a liberatory potentional and a dangerous potential
    • Liberatory potential: can help people in governments such as the Iranian or Chinese, where they try to prevent free speech
    • Dangerous potential: can increase surveillance and control
    • like most technologies, blogs have a potential for good and evil
  • If we know how to use blogs and how they are being used, then we can have a better idea of what the future of blogging holds

Levinson, New New Media
  • Levinson notes the ways in which blogging can change the world we live in: "...the joy of writing and having other people read what you write, making money, and changing the world- influencing something real in the world, in politics or science or whatever area- by the words on your blog.... And the power of a blog is unique in comparison to older forms of writing in that the writing, as we have seen, can be instantly published..." (The New New Media, 46).
  • Levinson notes that because of this characteristic of blogging, even unknown authors have a good chance of being read by high profile people than they would if they wrote books and were actually published. We may see less known writers gaining celebrity because of their blog's- ex. Perez Hilton.