• If a blogger uses hypertext, they are able to connect their thoughts and ideas to a variety of other places of usefulness on the Web, creating "networked text" as a navigational tool.
  • Through the use of links to other webpages and blogs, a network is created between various postings and topics. This is very helpful when there is something that might be confusing to a reader and the blogger provides a link to follow to get more information.
  • This creation of a network by use of links between and within blogs and websites forms the foundation for the development of communities and trends:
  • "The links between blogs can be read by computers. Search engines and more specialized services use them to trace the patterns and connections between blogs. Technorati.com is one of the most popular and comprehensive blog search engines...By tracking links from blogs, Technorati provides a tool for following trends." (Rettberg 58)

-Information According to Kathleen Fitzpatrick in her article, "CommentPress: New (Social) Structures for New (Networked) Texts" ( http://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=jep;view=text;rgn=main;idno=3336451.0010.305 )

  • According to Fitzpatrick, The Institute for the Future of the Book released the first version of Commentpress on July 25, 2007.
  • CommentPress is a WebPress theme that allows for long documents to be published on the web.
  • CommentPress allows documents to be internally and externally liked, and facilitates comments and discussion on the document at any level of the work.